John Worthington Portfolio


Integrated Campaign / Rebrand / Product Extension

Wood is weird.

Woodcraft is a national woodworking tools and supply store, but is only known to die-hard wood fanatics.

Nobody loves wood more than Woodcraft.

A weird obsession with wood.






To demonstrate the obsession with wood, we decided to laser etch our print headlines into blocks of wood and then photograph them.




When you think about wood all day, you post about wood all day.



Woodcraft's branding is old-fashioned, yet elegant. In order to appeal to younger audiences, it needed a more contemporary feel.
We transformed their logo into a stamp, with the circle crafted after a tree ring, and a little more explanation as to what Woodcraft is with the added "woodworking tools and supply." Lastly, we updated the font to be cleaner and bolder.

Wood business cards where each Woodcraft employee selects his or her favorite wood grain.





Wood Grain Posters

Modern design aesthetic: secret love affair with wood.



Temporary Wood Tattoos

When you can't carry a block of wood with you wherever you go, here's an alternative.



Wood-Scented Cologne

Always be surrounded by your favorite smell.



Woodapalooza Spotify Playlist

When you stop by a Woodcraft store, you may or may not recognize that the music we play all has a common theme.






Art Director / John Worthington
Copywriter / Jeff Dunn