John Worthington Portfolio


Hi, I’m John.


Ask me about my notebooks. 

“John gets a look — his eyes show how deeply he’s considered what he’s about to suggest, how excited he is about it, how seriously he takes it and how hopeful he is you’ll share his belief. Something like a scholar / artist / quiet iconoclast / nicest-guy-in-the-world, his reputation for surrounding any project isn’t limited to his work: he’ll spend six months researching backpacks when it’s time for a new one.

For clients, on a spectrum that ranges from small start-ups, such as Texas Cookie Jar to nationwide convenience store chain, Speedway, John draws insightful connections and carefully executes everything from ads to film to concepts to design, just as he has since his days at the VCU Brandcenter. And ‘the details?’ Don’t get us started on the intense but enthusiastic look John gets when it’s time to dive into the subtleties and perfect the tiniest component parts of the brands he works on.” —Charlie Hopper, Copywriter

Outside of the workplace, I enjoy being outdoors and exploring new parts of the city with my artist wife, our two rowdy boys and husky pup, trying to find the best Mexican food or Thai curry or apple pie in town, and hitting up antique shops in the hope of finding something special to add our home.