John Worthington Portfolio


About me

born in germany, raised all over


I currently study Art Direction at VCU Brandcenter, and use my filmmaking and fine art background to creatively solve problems.

Homemade popcorn and pie are two of my favorite treats and I never turn my nose up at good Mexican food.

I find simple joy in mundane activities like creating lists, people watching, and finding things that have been misplaced. 

I love good design, especially when found in products such as pocket knives, backpacks, and motorcycles, specifically café racers. 

Winter is probably my favorite season because it means I get to wear a coat and don't have to deal with allergies or bugs.

I believe that good shoes are a necessity, and that all clothing stores should carry tall sizes.

Filmmaking, and film-watching, is a hobby and passion of mine. A good portion of my free time is devoted to surfing Vimeo and binge-watching Netflix documentaries. 

I’d like to think that I have an easygoing, and fairly mild temperament, so it is a little odd to think that I am married to a bold, sassy woman from Texas; however, she can cook really dang good southern food. Together, we have a socially inept, but adorable, Siberian Husky and recently, we have become parents. 


why the boot?

rugged, dependable, and the only pair of footwear you need

Shoes say a lot about a person.

Some people like oxfords, sandals, or stilettos. I like boots.

I think they're timeless, practical, perfect for dressing up or dressing down; but it's more than that. Boots convey a sense of adventure. When I see a person on the street with good boots I think "Man, that person's been places. Seen things. Had amazing experiences." 

Growing up as an Army brat, I consider myself to be a bit of a nomad. I've lived and traveled many places and I feel that the best representation of this is a well-worn boot. 

Photography by Shako Oteka