John Worthington Portfolio
Art Director

Hilleberg Tents

Integrated Campaign / Rebrand / Product Extension

Extreme tents for extreme conditions.

Hilleberg Tents are well known internationally for their durability, design, and reliability in even the most remote of locations.
The only problem: they're not very well known in the United States.

The best way to see the world, is to see it in its most wild state.

Leave the known world behind.






Out of Home

Extend the print idea and pitch real tents on top of the billboard or wall to show how extreme they can be. 




The brand is due for a refresh. To modernize it to appeal to a younger crowd, we altered the name, created an iconic symbol that can be raised as a banner, and brightened the colors.
The new logo has transformed the "H" from Hilleberg into an abstracted, easy to recognize tent icon.



Packaging Redesign


Camp Banner

With every tent purchase comes a personal Camp Banner, where you can name your camp and wave it proudly, because you're adventuring.
In addition, there will be a letter of encouragement to explore from the co-founder.



Product Extension

Partnering up with Topo Designs, Hilleberg would offer their patented Kerlon fabric, used in the making of durable tents, and design a limited edition series of gear.



Guerilla Advertising

Brand Manifesto


Wanderer Pack, going clockwise: Wanderer t-shirt, brand manifesto, poster, sticker pack, and bumper sticker.



Festival Van

There are some well-known extremely remote music festivals throughout the world, and that's where the Hilleberg Festival Van would be, because they like good music, but also because they want to help people stay warm and safe while they camp during their stay. The whole experience would be documented via social media.


Art Director / John Worthington
Copywriter / Dean Weber